Template for a series of posters commemorating the Merchant Marine ships that served in the Second World War. A number of these ships were named after National Parks.


  1. Doug Michael
    August 27, 2017

    I have just had your website pop up during a search for one of the Fort boats……Fort Providence. in 1944 my late father travelled from Scotland to Liverpool and joined the Empress of Scotland ending up at Halifax NS and then by train to Vancouver BC to standby the the building of the ship at Burrards’
    When he arrived in March 1944 the ship was on the stocks and had not even been launched. He and the rest of the Engineers were put up at a Hotel in English Bay – the Sylvia Court…I have been in contact with them and rec’d some info back… and travelled back and forward to Burrards every day….As there was still so much to do with the build the Engineers actually got Jobs with Burrard – I have his Burrard badge….this lasted for three months until they finally sailed to Victoria – for armaments and finally to load in San Francisco for Australia. They sailed alone across the Pacific to Sydney – I have his full log and his memoirs that I am currently putting together in a book….. all be it slowly…The ship that never fired it’s guns in anger…..I would continue but it might spoil a future read….

    • Mike Zikovitz
      August 29, 2017

      What a fascinating story! I’m glad you found my site and let me know about your father’s journey. I look forward to reading the book one day!

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